Our sponsors not only financially support the co-creation of YogaFest, but energetically they are stepping forward to say they believe in the mission of this conscious gathering and in the sacred space that Song of the Morning offers. 

With our deepest gratitude, Thank You to our 2016 sponsors for sharing our vision. Ready to support YogaFest 2017 as a sponsor? Explore the options by clicking here and when you are ready, please email our team at yogafest@songofthemorning.org

Our Premier Sponsors

Golden Lotus Yoga Teachers Association

Established in 1970, the Golden Lotus Yoga Teachers Association (GLYTA) was founded by Yogacharya Oliver, Song of the Morning founder and direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. Based on the teachings of Yogananda and his organization, The Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF), GLYTA is dedicated group of yogis whose aim is to assist in the spread of this knowledge of Self-realization. Each teacher that receives certification through this yoga school has the one common desire to share with others the great benefits which they themselves have derived through their practice of Yoga. Teacher training for GLYTA take place once a year at Song of the Morning over the course of nine months, giving students a deep immersion into yoga philosophy and practice. 

The ClearLight Community 

Located on the beautifully forested land owned by Golden Lotus, part of the 800 acres on which Song of the Morning is also located, each of the community's 72 lots has uniquely sylvan characteristics. The Community encompasses the loftiest ideals for a balanced, God-permeated life as passed down to us by our Master, Paramahansa Yogananda; our Founder, Yogacharya J. Oliver Black; and Bob Raymer, our Spiritual Director from 1991 to 2004. For more information, click here to visit our website. 


Gold Sponsor

Infinite Bliss Yoga & Bodywork

Nestled into the community of Downtown Kalamazoo, Infinite Bliss is a hub for spiritual growth. Right now, it hosts yoga classes, workshops, transformation circles, herb classes, massage workshops, and Kirtan events. It is also home of Alicia Dawn's private massage practice. A lot of tremendous healing happens within the space of Infinite Bliss. I've chosen to sponsor Yoga Fest because the audience is big and local, and Infinite Bliss is but a fraction of what it will someday be. Dreams extend to a coop home for spiritual seekers in Kzoo, a traveling bus that delivers peace to spiritual seekers across the continent, and an ashram for those who seek depth through retreat. Infinite Bliss will be an Interfaith home for seekers of all sorts in so many ways.  As these dreams come to life, I imagine many new relationships will come to life too. This sponsorship was a gift to Infinite Bliss. My intention is to use it to spread the dream, make connections with lovely folks that share some or all of this dream and begin to see these dreams taking tangible shape. It's an invitation to support and participate in the growth of Infinite Bliss!! Infinite Bliss for the hearts of all. visit their website at www.infiniteblissyoga.net.