Submit an application to offer private sessions in the Healing Tent


Tucked behind the Main Tent - in the midst of the festival, and yet somehow miles away - you will find the Healing Tent and Rooted Space. It is an integral and sacred festival mainstay which we are happy to bring back for 2019; a place where one-on-one restorative healing sessions are offered, and where anyone can come to ground, relax, and find a moment of inner peace and restoration at any time.

We invite all healers to apply below to share your healing gifts! The exact structure is still in the planning stages, but most likely will look similar to last year, when 30-60 min. sessions were booked in private spaces within the Healing Tent. Healers paid full price for a festival pass and then kept all the money they brought in from private sessions. And of course healers are integral and functioning members of the YogaFest community who are invited to enjoy and experience everything the festival has to offer, including the festival grounds, all festival programming, and we will reserve you a campsite. 

We are a deeply intentional festival connected with the health and wholeness at the heart of Yoga. As such we value your healing gifts and warmly invite you to share those gifts with the entire YogaFest community at the 2019 festival.

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Address, City, Zip Code
We would like to use your response word for word when promoting you on our website and elsewhere, so please be as eloquent and clear as possible.
Please provide ALL dates/times you are unavailable (beginning Thursday at 4 pm until Sunday at 2 pm).
If this is your first time at YogaFest, please let us know how you heard about our yoga festival.
In other words: what is drawing you to be a part of YogaFest?
Will you commit to attending inspirational and informative morning seva meetings at 9 a.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning in the YogaFest Main Tent? *
Will you volunteer two hours of your time to staff the Healing Tent front desk? *
There is the possibility of holding sessions in a nearby or outside space for sound healers and others whose sessions might generate above average noise, in order to maintain the peaceful integrity of the Healing Tent and Rooted Space.
If there is any information not already covered that you would like us to pass along to potential clients, please let us know that here.
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