An immersion in yoga and nature and on-the-job experience in event planning and festival co-ordination

We are looking for college students, recent graduates, and any other hearty souls interested in spending the summer (approximately May 15 - August 15; dates are flexible) living and working at Song of the Morning Ranch to help produce YogaFest, our four-day celebration of yoga and nature. Anyone interested in deepening his or her experience working as a team in a vibrant, spiritually driven environment is most welcome to apply!

Tasks will depend upon the gifts and skills of the intern and will evolve to reflect the overall needs of YogaFest, as well as the daily needs at Song of the Morning Ranch. The general emphasis will be on event planning and community building, with logistical and creative opportunities in marketing, programming, and many other areas. Tasks that an intern might be asked to perform include:

  • Creating and distributing promotional material
  • Outreach to sponsors and like-minded organizations
  • Website and social media management
  • Volunteer logistics and support
  • Festival decorations and layout
  • Campsite and grounds preparation
  • Coordinating with vendors and food trucks
  • Communicating with presenters, musicians, sponsors, vendors, and attendees

It is important to understand that by coming to live at Song of the Morning and joining the YogaFest team, accepted interns agree to join an intentional spiritual community committed to living a yogic lifestyle.

Community Living: Living in community can be challenging, but is also a deeply rewarding lifestyle which has the power to transform your life in ways you could never have imagined. It means inhabiting an intimate and respectful shared space with others, and further means that you will have responsibilities (such as meal prep, gardening and cleaning) beyond those tasks pertaining to YogaFest. This can look different on any given day depending on your skills and interests. We will work together to maximize professional, spiritual and communal benefit for everyone at Song of the Morning.

Yoga Immersion - The YogaFest internship falls under a larger program at Song of the Morning which invites aspiring yogis to immerse in a structured sadhana discipline that includes hatha yoga, daily meditation, and selfless service. We are actively seeking interns who are interested in just such an immersive opportunity to serve, grow, and deepen an understanding of yourself and your spiritual purpose.

This internship is not paid, however, in exchange for 34 hours of service per week, participants receive free room and board (including excellent vegetarian meals). Please click here to visit our webpage which details the broader work exchange program (under which the YogaFest internship falls) as well as the intention of the sadhana program of spiritual discipline.

Thank you for your interest in YogaFest and in practical spiritual service and an enhancement of your core spiritual purpose. Please apply to be a YogaFest 2017 Intern by filling out the form below, and let us know (via the form on the right) if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

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If you are enrolled in a college, university, or institution of learning, please let us know.
Skills could range from carpentry to creativity to organizational skills, and much more.
See job description for an idea of what those areas and projects might be.
If not, please share what you hope to learn about yoga and meditation while you are here with us. (That's what we are here for!)
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