Apply here to offer sacred music at the festival:

Every night on the YogaFest Main Stage, and periodically throughout the day, musicians and audience come together to sing songs of divine worship. It is a beautiful, integral, and uplifting part of the festival for all and we are grateful to all volunteer musicians for your essential contributions. Read on to understand what is expected of our volunteer musicians, and what you will receive in return for performing at YogaFest 2019. Then apply by filling out the form below.

Music at YogaFest:

We will happily consider all applications, but it is important to understand a couple of things:

  1. YogaFest is an all-volunteer festival and no performers are paid for their participation. For consistency, fairness, and the integrity and viability of the festival, we are not able to offer ANY performance fees or travel stipends.

  2. YogaFest is a deeply authentic spiritual gathering, and only music that is near and true to the heart of Yoga will be appropriate for our festival. Typically this means devotional music which falls under the umbrella of kirtan, but we will happily consider any soulful offering that you think will be an uplifting addition to our sacred communal celebration.

The Application Process:

The group leader should fill out the application below, providing the names of all essential collaborators who will be included. The leader is the point of contact with the YogaFest coordination team, and is expected to communicate clearly the expectations and structure of the festival to the rest of the band. The leader will be provided with meal vouchers for the festival, but collaborators will NOT be fed. However, everyone who is approved will receive a free full festival pass, which includes a complimentary campsite.

As a YogaFest Co-Creator you are expected to:

  • Be available to lead up to two programs over the course of the weekend. We will curate a schedule based on the applications we receive and may ask you to play once, or may ask you to play twice. These sets may be in a more intimate setting without amplification, or on the YogaFest Main Stage with full access to professional sound equipment, or possibly one of each. Please communicate any desires and limitations with us in the space provided in the application, and we will do our best to accommodate you and your group.

  • Uphold the values of YogaFest, including attendance at the beautifully inspirational and informative morning Seva (Selfless Service) Meetings.

  • Ideally, your group will be available for the entire weekend. This means arriving in time for the Opening Ceremony on the evening of Thursday, July 26, and staying through the Closing Service on Sunday, July 29. If this is not possible please let us know and we will again do our best to accommodate, but the more flexibility you have the better your chances of acceptance.

In return you will receive:

  • Free full festival access, complimentary campsite, and two meal vouchers per day for the group leader. Free full festival access and complimentary campsite for approved collaborators.

  • Access to presenter’s lounge area overlooking the Pigeon River, which will include coffee, tea, and snacks

  • A profound sense of community, gratitude, service, spiritual upliftment, joy, and the opportunity to share yourself and your sacred music with a sincere community of devoted yogis and seekers from a multitude of paths

We at Song of the Morning cannot produce YogaFest without the integral participation of our volunteer musicians, and it is in an atmosphere of divine harmony that the gifts of giving and receiving come together to create a festival that is near and true to the unified heart of Yoga. We warmly invite you to apply to offer music at YogaFest by filling out the form below, which will likely take at least an hour to complete, so please give yourself plenty of time to thoughtfully consider all of these questions that are immensely helpful to us and our process of producing the best, most blissful, and sacredly reverential festival of Yoga.

Name of Group Leader *
Name of Group Leader
This is the person who will be the primary point of contact, and who will receive meal vouchers
Be thoughtful! This may appear verbatim on our website, facebook page, or other promotional material such as the Festival Program Guide.
What is your main motivation for wanting to be involved as a festival co-creator? What is it that you bring to YogaFest 2019?
Please provide a mailing address where we can send promotional items, and anything else we might need to mail you. *
Please provide a mailing address where we can send promotional items, and anything else we might need to mail you.
Phone *
Any information you can give us which offers a sense of your spiritual practice and performing experience is helpful.
Will you and everyone in your group commit to attend inspirational and informative morning seva meetings, which will likely be 45 minutes long in the YogaFest Main Tent starting at 9 a.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning of the festival? *
Include in your answer the equipment that you will be bringing, and what you are requesting us to provide. We will do our best to meet your needs, and will communicate clearly any limitations that will help you best plan your offering.
What is the target age range of your program? *
Are you, and everyone in your group, able to attend the opening ceremony on the evening of Thursday, July 25, and stay through the closing ceremony early Sunday afternoon, July 28? *