Dhyana - meaning meditation and inner contemplation - is at the heart of Yoga, and the heart of YogaFest. In fact, of the eight limbs of yoga as identified by Patanjali in his foundational Yoga Sutras, only one of the limbs mentions yoga asanas ... and here he was almost certainly referring to postures for seated meditation! Yoga after all means "union," and this union is achieved only with great inner clarity brought about by great mental and spiritual stillness. Therefore at YogaFest we foster and encourage numerous opportunities for seated meditation, inner reflection, and sacred ritualistic celebrations. There will be guided meditations throughout the weekend, puja ceremonies, a community service on Sunday morning, and a reverential atmosphere throughout the festival conducive to stillness, worship, and peace. Not to mention acres of pristine forest with numerous hiking trails which culminate at religious shrines: all calling you to silence, reflection, prayer, and meditation.

A full list of meditative and ceremonial classes, workshops, guides, and opportunities will be made available on this page as YogaFest 2017 draws near. In the meantime you can peruse the 2016 schedule to get an idea of the diverse array of experiences you can expect to encounter at the ecstatic celebration that is YogaFest 2017!