At Song of the Morning we welcome the presence of children with open arms, as they teach and enrich us all with their joyful essence. We support this invitation with a safe space for children and families to flourish. 

Not only is YogaFest a family friendly event because of the loving and compassionate values found in yoga and lived at Song of the Morning, but we also intentionally create an atmosphere and coordinate activities for the enjoyment of children and their families. The Children's Tent, and accompanying coordinated kid-friendly programs are abound all weekend long at YogaFest 2017. Read about these programs and their facilitators below:

Adventures of Mighty Yogi: 

Kevin & Gwendolyn Karas

Description: As Mighty Yogi learns Yoga philosophy and practices, he develops Yogi super siddhi powers! Come see your siddhis awaken with MIGHTY YOGI! This fun and engaging workshop geared toward the whole family, will use story, games, and individual/group activities (like a silly savasana to open our “clown” chakra) to learn about the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’s eight-limbed path. All levels and ages welcomed.

Arts & Crafts with Jackie Alson

Description: In spiritual symmetry we use a variety of two dimensional materials we will study the concept of symmetry and create pieces reflecting one’s self.


Bedtime Campfire & Stories with Rowena Conahan & Courtney Klicks

Forest Family Village: 

Courtney Klick, Carisa Wilder, and Rowena Conahan

Description: We hold the vision that the children and those who support them are an integral part of the present and future of the YogaFest community.  During the times when programs are not actively taking place at Forest Village, it will remain open as a consistent and nurturing place for families.  

You will discover at Forest Village:  Circle space, A nesting & resting tent, Hammock, Slack-line, Self-directed handwork and craft projects, Light refreshments to keep you nourished. We look forward to receiving feedback on how Forest Village can best serve as a supportive community and nature-based home for families and children!  See you in the forest!


Carisa Wilder is a licensed clinical social worker, an active homeschooling mother and radical homemaker who is passionate about providing support to those she comes into contact with personally and professionally. She has a clinical practice in Ann Arbor, MI and teaches Heart-based Meditation. She is a student of yoga, ayurveda, non-violent communication and attachment parenting.

Courtney Klick is a homeschooling mother, seeker and long-time student and teacher of yoga, ayurveda, and mother nature. She also practices bhakti yoga, non-violent communication, and nature connection. She is passionate about bringing devotion and connection into all areas of life and to allow that love to permeate to the younger generations.

Rowena Conahan has 21 years of formal teaching experience and is Montessori certified. Rowena has worked 3 years in a Montessori classroom and 12 years of experience homeschooling her own children. She served as an assistant in a Waldorf-based forest kindergarten for one year and has five years leading Nature Learning Community.  Nature Learning Community, the non-profit corporation from which she teaches classes throughout the school year, is primarily dedicated to supporting our deep connection with nature, self and others.


Kids Art on Bark: 

Julia Briest

Description: Kids Art on Bark is a class for children to use all natural materials, such as pine cones, acorns, nuts, seeds, and other natural materials found locally. In this class we teach Mandala making and the principles of balance and symmetry.

About: Julia Briest is a Nature Artist, Sound Healer, Massage Therapist, traveling the USA on with quartz crystal singing bowls, all the while collecting natural materials to make beautiful Nature Mandalas and Art on Bark.

Kids Sound Healing Workshop and Concert: 

Matt & Julia Briest

Description: Kids Sound Healing workshop and concert will be an interactive workshop demonstrating each sound healing tool such as crystal singing bowls, metal singing bowls, rain sticks, shakers, and fairy bells. The Compassion Sound Healers will perform a concert using all of the sound healing tools from the workshop to experience sound healing for themselves. This workshop will help children understand how to use sound as a means of healing. They will walk away with a better understanding of energy, sound and vibration. By participating in the concert the children will feel the calming effects of sound on the body, by calming the nervousness system and reaching an alpha state of mind where relaxation and healing occurs.

About: Matt and Julia Briest, the Compassion Sound Healers, are touring the USA with their quartz crystal singing bowl meditations and helping people become more "in-tune" with and "harmonize with" their true authentic self.


Kids Kirtan with Madhavi Mai

Description: Deep immersion in ecstatic music and dance, combining the healing vibrational practices of devotional singing and dancing.

Nature Connection for Younger Yogis with Rowena & Courtney:

Description: In this class, we'll gather together to play in nature, building connection with the web of life and land around us, and to explore outdoors living skills such as shelter building, wild edibles, and tracking. Our gatherings will include storytelling, nature crafts, learning about safety in wild spaces, study of local plants and animals and games and activities to stretch sensory awareness.

Story time with Sakshi Zion:

Sakshi believes the gift of yoga and the other sacred teachings, and that we have a purpose and responsibility to share these gifts and contribute to the awakening of humanity. Selfless service is ultimately the key to life. The secret of living is giving.

Toddler Time Yoga: 

Laura Kreider

Description: This class is all about movement and fun! Through yoga, kids develop foundational language, gross motor coordination, social skills, and self-confidence. This practice is for toddlers ages 1-5, and their caregivers. Older and younger siblings are welcome to join too!  We will sing, dance, move like animals, and explore quiet time with massage and stories. Toddlers will not be expected to sit still or be silent! Caregivers get to stretch, relax, and learn valuable tips for calming at home.

About: Laura lives and teaches in Kalamazoo, MI. She completed her first Yoga Teacher Training at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch in 2009, and has continued training through Global Family Yoga, Yoga For All, and Mindful Schools. She is especially passionate about working with kids and families, and strives to create a safe and inclusive space for all to practice.