Co-Create YogaFest 2018 with us!

YogaFest is an all-volunteer festival built on the ancient spiritual principles of selfless service. As such, no one is paid for his or her involvement in the festival. However, you will find as a program facilitator that you are taken care of in a variety of ways. Presenters will enjoy full festival access to everything YogaFest has to offer over all four days of programming. We will reserve you a complimentary campsite, invite you to join your fellow co-creators in the shaded presenter's lounge area overlooking the Pigeon River - which we keep stocked with coffee and tea - and at least a portion of your meals will be provided for you in the form of delicious prasad prepared by the Krishna devotees of Harmony Collective Ypsilanti.

We at Song of the Morning cannot produce YogaFest without the integral participation of our volunteer presenters, and it is in an atmosphere of divine harmony that the gifts of giving and receiving come together to create a festival that is near and true to the unified heart of Yoga. Please apply to join us as a festival co-creator by filling out the form below:

We respect and honor our presenters and will communicate with you as best we can, but please know that we reserve the right to change this title as we see fit.
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Please provide a mailing address where we can send promotional items, and anything else we might need to mail you.
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This information helps us with scheduling. If at all possible, please try to keep all four days of the festival open so that you can be flexible and available. Our co-creators are not only program leaders, but YogaFest ambassadors and integral members of the festival community.
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