Presenter Survey

Thank you to all of our YogaFest presenters. Your service and presence at the festival were deeply appreciated by everyone here at Song of the Morning. Collectively you facilitated an experience of Divine love and peace for everyone who attended. We want to continue to make YogaFest a space for sharing, honoring and celebrating a wide range of yogic practices. We would be grateful if you all could fill out this survey to help us create a space of joy and service for years to come.

Name *
Please let us know approximately how many people attended, if you could be heard, if there was enough space to do all the activities planned, if you had all necessary equipment, and anything else you would like to add.
Did you feel as though the event was well-organized? Were you able to enjoy aspects of the festival aside from your workshop? How was your food experience? Please include any other experiences you would like to share.
Were you given enough information to effectively prepare? Was there anything that greatly surprised you at the festival? Is there any information you were not given that you wish you had received prior to arriving?
Do you have any suggestions for bringing selfless service into the festival in future years?