yogafest 2018 program schedule

Below is the program schedule from YogaFest 2018, which as you can see was chock full of nourishing classes, concerts, workshops, walks, talks, healings, and various other spiritually uplifting programs from before sunrise until well after sundown. The schedule for YogaFest 2019 will be released approximately one month ahead of the festival, but rest assured that it will offer an ecstatically full and exciting slate of events with the sort of depth and breadth that you encounter below. At YogaFest at Song of the Morning, you will discover that there is something for every sincere seeker, of every age and ability, and we invite you to join us in celebrating and in fact co-creating this sacred and festive annual summer ritual.

Program Schedule YF18 - FINAL - Thursday-1.jpg
Program Schedule YF18 - FINAL - Friday-1.jpg
Program Schedule YF18 - FINAL - Saturday-1.jpg
Program Schedule YF18 - FINAL - Sunday-1.jpg