Give and receive as a Ticket Exchange Volunteer

YogaFest at Song of the Morning is an undertaking which requires a network of support, and a team of volunteers. We welcome you to apply to join that team as a ticket-exchange volunteer!

How it works: Volunteers submit an application and pay a non-refundable $35 administrative fee, which covers the cost of the YogaFest t-shirt that volunteers wear during shifts, and which is yours to keep. If for any reason we deny your application, we will refund your payment. A volunteer then agrees to work 15 hours over the course of the festival, and in exchange enjoys the full spectrum of all that YogaFest has to offer, with unlimited access to all-day programming, a complimentary campsite, and the invaluable experience of being part of the core team of YogaFest facilitators; participating in the festival from the inside-out. It is a harmonious marriage of giving and receiving and we are grateful for your essential contributions and support.

Volunteers may be assigned a variety of tasks depending on need, skillset, and desire. As a volunteer you will help keep the festival clean and green and running smooth and looking and sounding good. Volunteers help with structure and organization and may be asked to work the sound board, the information booth, or the front gate. Volunteers support the musicians, program facilitators and core staff in a variety of instrumental ways and we could not do it without you. The expectation is that, as a volunteer, you will show up for your shifts on time and in a spirit of loving service. And you are required to attend mandatory inspirational and informative selfless service morning meetings at 9 a.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival, as well as a volunteer orientation meeting early afternoon on Thursday, July 25.

All sincere and open-hearted individuals who want to be an integral part of the YogaFest community please apply below to be a YogaFest 2019 Ticket Exchange Volunteer.

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Most volunteers work during the festival, when there is the greatest need, however there are a few openings for volunteers to serve during pre-festival preparations, or post-festival clean-up. Ideally, when would you like to volunteer for YogaFest 2019? *
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The success of the festival is dependant upon all volunteers honoring his or her commitments. Any volunteer who attends the festival but does not complete all volunteer hours will be charged the full price of a YogaFest ticket. Please take this to heart, and only apply if you can commit to honoring this agreement. By clicking the button below you are confirming that you understand this, and also confirming that you will attend a volunteer orientation meeting early in the afternoon on Thursday, July 25. *
As a final step, please copy and paste the link below in a new web page or tab, and submit your $35 volunteer administrative fee. We will refund your payment if for any reason we deny your application, but we will not refund payment if you are forced to back out of volunteering for the festival for any reason, so please do not apply unless you are committed to volunteering at the festival. This fee covers our costs, including the YogaFest volunteer t-shirt that you will be given when you arrive at the festival, and which is yours to keep. Your application is not complete until payment has been received.