Amidst the full slate of opportunities available at YogaFest are the numerous daily workshops offered throughout the festival. There are explorations, discussions, gatherings, stories, satsangs, and much more. There is something for every truth thirsty soul of every temperament and curiosity at this year's celebration. 

See below for a list of the workshops and facilitators who will be leading us at YogaFest 2017:

Art and Music as Tools for Spiritual Growth: 

Drew Phoria

Description: I will guide the workshop attendees through a community discussion on the following key interest points: Art and Music as Meditation (The Flow State), Art and the Collective Consciousness, Sound Healing and its' connection to the music we chose, exploring the symbolism in the art we chose, finding our inspiration, tapping into our enthusiasm, and using art and music as the tools to finding, becoming, and expressing our most authentic selves.

About: Drew Phoria (Kalamazoo, MI) has been invited to offer his music, performance art, and workshop teachings, at events such as Michigan Peacefest, Branch Out Camp Out, Phases of the Moon, Hyperion, Mad tea Party, and Electric Forest. Throughout his performances and workshops, Drew’s mission is to inspire and empower others to find and express their most authentic selves, through music, art, community, and spiritual empowerment.

Bandha Use in Yoga Practice: 

Greg Kemppainen

Description: Although breath, concentration, effort and practice are all important aspects of yoga, perhaps bandhas are the most important. In Sanskrit, “bandha” means bond, tie or lock. A bandha refers to a muscular contraction- literally a lock used to focus, stimulate heat, and control the flow of prana. These locks provide restraint which limit or control the free flow of energy by physical force. This workshop will explain why we lock the energy of the Mula, Uddiyana and Jalandara bandhas, and how we can experience the benefits of this practice. We will discuss the bandha locations, the muscles involved, and precautions. We will also explain some of the energetic aspects of bandha work, with respect to the ida, pingala, sushumna and kundalini. This workshop will involve some sitting during the presentation, a yoga practice, and bandha exercises.

About: Greg Kemppainen, E-RYT 200/500 YA Certified Instructor. Teaching Yoga since 2007. Licensed Thai Traditional Massage Therapist- Royal Style, Union of Thai Tradition Medicine Society, Esoteric Healing Facilitator, International Network of Esoteric Healing. Meta Peace Team Peacekeeping Trainer.

Being Healed by Love-Being Love: 

Steve Vachon

Description: Using practices of mindfulness, intuition, journaling, and meditation, this healing workshop will guide us into the discovery, resolution, and transcendence of the karmic sources of our experiences of emotional and body pain. As we restore our deep identity as an INFINITE LOVE BEING, we experience TRUSTWORTHY LOVE surrounding us and healing us from every direction. We surrender to the reality of being embraced by the LOVE that is our deepest source, freeing us from the past and restoring our Divine Identity. If you have a close friend at Yogafest, you are encouraged to bring that friend with you!

About: Steve Vachon, M.Div. M.A. is a holistic psychotherapist, soul-expressive dance facilitator, life-coach, spiritual caregiver, and community capacity builder and guide. Steve uses an array of spirit,mind, and body practices. He is always exploring new ways to use dance, yoga, music, and art to aid in the healing of the soul, as well as for social enjoyment and cultural and spiritual expression. Steve is a founder of The Be Love Community, an emerging movement of holistic, spiritually-focused people.  He is currently launching “Being Healed By Love- Being Love” a new collaborative of healing artists, musicians, yogis and yoginis, dancers, meditation guides, breath-workers, and visual artists who seek to awaken all beings to the healing and restoration of the Divine Sense of Self as a Being of Trustworthy Love. Steve serves as a member of the Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana’s Healing Arts Program, through where he offers music, meditation and mindfulness practices to the patients and caregivers.

Healing Justice Satsang and Meditation: Kama Mitchell

Description: In these times of change, uncertainty and advanced technology, healing justice is needed to help us remember our true selves, where we came from, and where we are going. Having a clear understanding of healing justice is a must for every yogi. To "heal the world" we must first begin with the self. When you practice radical self care and self reflection, the light you carry extends outward. It is not meant to be dimmed nor blinding, but at a continuous and progressive movement towards healing ourselves, families, communities and so on.

About: Kama Tai Mitchell is a healer, yogi, dancer, doula, and mama. She co-founded Rootead- a non-profit cultural and healing arts organization in Kalamazoo, MI, where she currently holds the position of Executive Director. Kama is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher in the Para Yoga tradition, and has completed trainings with master teachers of the African Diasporic culture. She also holds certifications in Zulu Birth Project (doula), reflexology, and massage. Kama is a strong activist in the areas of birth justice, racial equity, and mental health awareness

Wellness Warriors: Archetypes of Man - A Men's Wellness Gathering:

Lazriel (Gabriel Lantz)

Description: Wellness Warriors: Archetypes of Man - A Men's Wellness Gathering, is a workshop to facilitate the ultimate balance of the sacred masculine. By learning ancient yogic techniques, modern men can achieve a more balanced "buddha-like” nature. In this workshop, we will dive into the archetypes of the modern man and the challenges that they present. We will spend time reflecting and journaling on our own journey as men, peering into what motivates and drives us. We will also share with one another and the group on our experiences and challenges, to create deep and meaningful connections between our newly created brotherhood. We will practice together Yogic techniques (Pranayama, Asana & Meditation) to help in balancing the sacred masculine from its sometimes "out of control", diabolical, "go it alone" nature.

About: Lazriel, a.k.a. Gabriel C. Lantz, RYT-200, began taking yoga classes in 2002 after a very serious automobile accident that left him with severe back and neck pain. He learned that yoga was not only a means to heal himself, but also a path of empowerment to gain control over his life. Gabriel studied yoga and yoga therapy at the Amrit Yoga Institute, where he deepened his understanding of the “Meditation in Motion” practice pioneered by Yogi Amrit Desai in the 60’s. This slow and controlled yoga style is a more meditative and gentle form of mindfulness. Combined with his magnetic charisma, charming voice and musical expressions, Gabriel merges the healing power of yoga with the enchanting creativity of sound, music and vibration. Gabriel is a Kirtan/musical artist, Reiki healer, a certified yoga teacher in the Integrative Amrit Method, as well as certified in The Amrit Method of body psychology (Yoga Therapy).

Free Ear Acupuncture Community Session: with Ria Nieboer and Trina Crowe

Description: Ear acupuncture works by allowing our body to mobilize its own power to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, substance withdrawals and cravings, insomnia, physical pain, and more. For this free ear acupuncture detoxification session, clean and disposable needles will be used on five points per ear: the Sympathetic Nervous System, the Chinese Shen Men point (this tranquilizes the mind), kidney, liver, and lung.  Ear acupuncture does not contraindicate for any health issue or medication. There will be room for up to twelve people per session, and please bring a yoga mat!

About: Ria Nieboer RYT 200 is an embodied movement / yoga practitioner & educator who finds much joy in guiding students in breath-centered, trauma-informed, anatomically-make-sense yoga practice over the past 10 years. As a licensed Master’s level mental health and substance abuse therapist who specializes in trauma recovery and suicide prevention, Ria deeply understands the power that our mind (thoughts and emotions) can have over us, and comes alongside of students in their journey of cultivating acceptance, surrender, authenticity, vulnerability, and inner space to change and grow.

Introduction to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: 

Brian Bridson

Description: An introduction workshop to Ashtanga Yoga, which will be 25% presentation, and the remainder of the class will be dedicated to workshopping the sequence of poses.

About: Brian Bridson is an ERYT-200, with an additional 100 hours of apprentice teaching and assisting with Hilaire Lockwood, at Hilltop Yoga in Lansing. Brian has been teaching Yoga for four years and began leading Ashtanga classes three years ago. Brian has attended workshops with notable Ashtanga teachers, including Tim Miller, Maty Ezrathy, Angela Jamison, and Matthew Darling.

Kirtan Dance Workshop: 

Madhavi Mai

Description: Kirtan Dance combines the healing vibrational practice of devotional singing (nada yoga), with the whole body experience of dancing. Sessions begin with chanting a kirtan/song together, then move into dancing. Simple Indian folk and Bollywood dance moves will combine with classical dance mudras/hand gestures, and hatha yoga. Participants dance together to the same kirtan that they sing. Mind, body, and spirit are engaged in balance, allowing great joy, ecstasy, and peace to be experienced. Sessions end with a silent meditation.

 About: Madhavi Marcia Mai’s early training in modern dance was at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, and at the Alvin Ailey Dance Studio in New York City. In India she began her training in Bharatanatyam at Tiveni Kala Sangam in New Delhi, but then transferred to Kalakshetra College of Fine Arts in Chenna, to study dance, dramatic theory, and carnatic vocal music. When she returned to the United States, Madhavi completed an M.A. in South and Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Michigan. Her research focused on the history of Bharatanatyam, particularly its revival in the early twentieth century, and its subsequent discovery by the West. As the Artistic Director of Sadhana Dance Theater, Madhavi performs and choreographs with the ensemble and teaches all levels of students through Sadhana Studio. From 2000-2012 she was a Lecturer in the Department of Theater, Dance, and Music at Oakland University, and returned in 2016 to teach Dance In American Culture. She has been an IAM meditation teacher at the Amma Center of Michigan for many years as well.

Language of the Gods: Mantra Vidya: 

Don Handyside M.Ed.

Description: The sacred art of Mantra Vidya (knowledge of mantra) is the largest least understood, and most mysterious of the Eastern spiritual sciences. This class will provide an introduction to knowledge recently reintroduced in this age by the Masters of the Sambodha Tradition, and help provide for and support the most effectual path to true enlightenment in our present age. Most people associate mantras with meditation practices or chants, but not everyone understands the true meaning or purpose of mantra, or has learned the correct procedures, knows which mantras to use, or why and how they work. Even fewer have an understanding of the ancient science behind mantra knowledge. The class will explain how rightfully practiced mantras can be used to alter one’s destiny, protect, heal, change social conditions, rebalance life, bring fulfillment and realize dharma.

About: Don Handyside, M.Ed was fortunate to have practiced yoga under the guidance of Yogacharya Oliver for 20 years. He is a former Golden Lotus teacher trainer and chairman of the Golden Lotus Board of Directors. Don’s professional background is in information design, and he has taught and designed education material for more than 40 years. Currently, Don is in the Sambodha teacher training program under the direction of Aarivindha Himadra, author of "Immortal Self". Don's studies in Sambodha include this ancient science of Mantra Vidya.

Mindful Living for Personal & Planetary Peace: 

Angela Johnson

Description: Mindful Living for Personal and Planetary Peace is a workshop for cultivation of the whole health; spirit, mind, body, and earth. Participants will explore the connection between personal and planetary health and flourishing, and how the cultivation of practices such as mindful mediation, eating, and relationships, are the cornerstones not only for individual health and well-being, but collectively for society and nature at large. Everything is interconnected so that the healing of people and planet coincide. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to some beautiful daily practices that can be used to cultivate deep contentment in life, and also make a positive impact on our beautiful mother earth. Group meditation, gentle yoga, and a time for personal reflection will also be included in the class.

About: Angela Johnson is an environmental education and holistic health coach. Her classes and writings inspire the spiritual solution to our human and ecological health crisis. She has been meditating for the past 12 years, and loves sharing the peace of this practice with her students. In 2016, Angela published a workbook to help individuals interested in the spiritual nature of sustainability. The workbook is called Sustainability from the Inside-Out: An eight-fold practice in mindfulness for personal and planetary peace.


Native Yoga, The Spiritual Origins of America's First People: 

Phalguni Radhika

Description: This class will focus directly on the interconnected relationship between Native American Spirituality and the foundational principles of India's Vedic Culture. We will explore the rich culture of Native American Spirituality, the significance of prayerful practices and ancient ceremonies. Connecting one with their physical, subtle and spiritual surroundings, Native American Spirituality offers wisdom from the heart of the elders, a heart far more expansive than American borders. Together we will explore the deep relationship between Native American ancient teachings and the Vedas, India’s sacred texts to explain how to live, grow, and obtain self-realization in this world, unified from East to West.

About: Phalguni Radhika is a mix Anishinaabe Mowin Native with spiritual roots stemming from the Ojibwa, Lakota, Cherokee and Choctaw nations. In addition to her native upbringing, Phalguni expanded her spiritual horizons and took on the practice of Bhakti Yoga. Now, with her husband, she run The Harmony Collective- a non-profit organization, creating space for communal self-realization!

Peace Building in Our Time: The Yogi's Toolkit for Change: 

Swami Sankarananda

Description: There has never been a time when the society has felt more separation and divergence of ideas about the proper way forward, nor has there been a time when it has been as difficult as it is now to have inclusive and reasonable dialogue between peoples of divergent opinions. Peaceful means are required to proceed forward; as a society we cannot afford further division and strife. Yoga's teachings provide practical means for each person, regardless of personal beliefs, to be a part of the solution. Each person can adopt peaceful ways and be a light of peace in the very dark situation that we find today. This program will explore the nature of the division that we experience, it’s causes, the very nature and power of our thought world, and lastly, provide both tools and practical guidance to uplift ourselves to inner peace and peaceful methods to heal our divisions.

About: Swami Sankarananda is a monk of the Swami Sivananda order, a teacher of Yoga, and a pilgrim for peace. He walked pilgrimage for two and a half years, including coast to coast in 2014. He visits to share the ancient knowledge of Yoga, and how to lift ourselves from fear so that we can achieve our full potential.

Sacred Space Workshop: Lopamudra Bose

Description: Carve out a “Sacred Space” in your home inspired by the ancient Indian tradition of “Vastu.” Bring harmony, balance and well being into your living space. The art of place along with the right intention can transcend any space into a “Scared Space”. Consistent spiritual “Sadhana” (practice) of your chosen path, in your sacred space enhances the subtle energies within your home and helps keep them constantly charged with all that is positive. The cumulative effect of prayer, meditation, chanting within a home is palpable. You and anyone else, who walk into your home will feel embraced by the tranquility. 

About: Born in Kolkata, India, Lopa was naturally drawn to the sacred art and culture of her homeland. Her degree in Philosophy from University of Calcutta reflects her deep interest and study of the spirit. As a young woman she made the courageous move to America to start a family. She went to design school and started a residential design business. Her career expanded to other areas of design and art. She was the design manager and buyer for a high-end, spiritually inspired boutique of Indian imports. Lopa's professional skill and passion to create beautiful interiors is now combined with her ongoing study of Vastu, enabling her to transform any space into a sacred space as a service to spiritual seekers. Currently, Lopa is the Cultural Coordinator & Sacred Space Design Consultant at Sangita Yoga in Californa.

Sacred Storytelling: Divine Stories from India: 

Krishnamoyee Churdar

Description: Come hear stories from India's rich spiritual traditions! This program is for everyone ( both beginner and advanced practitioner). Stories from the Bhagavat Purana, will be told in an accessible and relatable manner. By hearing these pastimes of the Lord and his devotees,  your heart will be filled with joy, love, and steadiness in devotional practice.

About: Krishnamovee first experienced Kirtan and eastern philosophy from an unlikely source, punk rock. It was through the singer of his favorite punk band, who became a Hare Krishna, that he was introduced to Bhakti tradition, and taken to a temple in Berkeley, California. For over 25 years, Krishnamovee has been practicing in Bengali Bhakti tradition. In India for eight years, he studied the khol, a drum used predominantly in Bengali Kirtan. During those years, he also worked at a Goshalla that took care of abandoned street cows,and gave guided tours for visiting friends around Vrindavan( the village dedicated to Lord Krishna).

Shiva & Shakti: The Secrets of Sacred Union: 

Allie McFee with Sakshi Zion (Shane Tuthill) and Gabriel Lantz

Description: Shiva & Shakti is the sacred union of divine masculine and divine feminine, within the ancient cultures of India. Existing within all of us, is this powerful transformative energy of creation. This workshop is for individuals and/or couples looking to create strength and harmony within the tantric experience of unifying opposites and understanding the Self. The activities and Kirtan songs are meant to heighten your awareness and connection to Self. We will explore our six senses to merge Spirit with Body through Taste, Sight, Scent, Touch, Sound, and Spirit with intentional rituals, mantras and song. We will dive deep into the Self, to uncover unconscious collective wounds of the masculine and feminine, releasing the blocks within the Mind by receiving and being in a constant state of love. Calling forth the sacred medicine of cacao, community and music, we will transcend old patterns of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs to a state of sacred living, high thinking and divine love.

About: Allie McFee is a Women’s Health and Nutrition Coach, Cooking Teacher and Red Tent Facilitator for Red Tent Indy. She leads women circles and ceremonies for connecting with the Divine Feminine expression, and coaches women on balancing their hormones naturally, through delicious recipes, nutrition, and sacred self-care. She is the girl behind the blog, “Modern Goddess Lifestyle,” which she defines as a lifestyle intended to help women connect with their inner rhythm and intuition, a.k.a. their “inner goddess.” She is working on publishing her first cookbook on women’s hormone health and the feminine connection to the moon cycle. For more information on Allie, visit: Blog :  and Red Tent (Indy) :

Stress Less With Mindfulness: 

Maria Millett

Description: Mindfulness can be defined as paying attention in a particular way: On purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally. Practicing mindfulness is effective in reducing stress-related symptoms such as worry, depression, physical tension, and more. This introduction workshop will give you an understanding of what mindfulness is and how it can be used to reduce and manage stress effectively. This one-hour workshop provides research-based information on how mindfulness can positively change your brain, and offer you practical tools and resources on your personal journey.

About: Maria Millett is a Limited Licensed Social Worker with a professional background in Social Emotional Development, and Early Childhood Development. She has been with MSU Extension for five years, and has a variety of skills in working with individuals, families and groups in multicultural settings. As a practicing therapist, she is passionate about helping others improve communication skills, change negative thinking patterns, and enhance relationships all around. 

The Importance of Self Care: 

Claire Balmas

Description: In this workshop we will explore the meaning of self care, how it is differs from Responsibility, how to implement it into your life, and why it will allow you to always serve from your Highest Self. Ever heard the saying, "You Cannot Pour From an Empty Cup?" When we are tired and running low on energy, it’s impossible to give or receive. From this workshop, you will learn how to take small moments out of your day to refuel, put aside some time each week to relax and unwind, and understand the various methods of Self Care important to you. We will also explore why this allotted time is so important; and the many far reaching benefits of Self Care: including how you are better able to take care of your loved ones, be more engaged and productive at work, and have a greater, more meaningful impact on the world at large.

About: Since childhood, Claire has held a deep passion for equality and service. It wasn’t until 21, that she learned to channel this passion through teaching yoga. Over the past seven years, Claire has learned the true importance of self-care, and this understanding bred a new passion for her to teach it to others. As the troubles of the 2017 year became apparent, Claire began to recognize just how important it is for all of us to feel energized and refreshed every day, so that we may create a sustainable and equal world.


Why We Need To Go Out of Our Minds: 

Dr. Gary Saks

Description: In our time together we will clearly see how our minds work. What causes the thoughts to come even when we would rather they not? When we see what it is doing, and why it is doing it, we begin to see how to become master of the mind. Our time together will be spent in seeing the mind from a new perspective and to learn the way out of it. No matter how much you have or have not spent in meditation, it is clear that the chatter of the mind is a significant roadblock. I promise to share insights that will put you on the path to freedom from the chatter.

About: Dr. Gray Saks is a certified Yoga Instructor. He has practiced yoga for over forty-five years. His professional life continues to be spent in providing natural solutions to health problems. His Wellness Center in Gaylord Michigan has been treating people in Northern Michigan for the past forty years, and continues to be known as providing leading edge and effective care. Gary also serves on the Board of Directors for Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat Center.

Writing From the Body: 

Marin Heinritz

Description: Through asana, guided relaxation, and writing exercises, we will unleash and explore the power that is our birthright, face our fears, collaborate, and discover the shakti and stories that emerge from and are written on the body. We will drop into the body and connect to the deepest parts of ourselves, that too often we disassociate from in our creative work, and especially in our writing.

About: Marin Heinritz, PhD, RYT, aims to integrate writing and yoga in a seamless and purposeful way to help others develop a habit of discovery, curiosity about themselves and the world, manifest their true hearts’ desires, fulfill their highest creative potential, heal themselves, and make a meaningful impact in the world. She has led Writing From the Body workshops throughout Michigan, in addition to teaching creative writing and journalism at Kalamazoo College, barre pilates at Kalamazoo Barre, and yoga at Sangha Yoga in Kalamazoo. Marin is also so grateful to have had the life changing experience of being an artist in residence at Song of the Morning in Fall 2015.


Yoga and Accessibility Panel with Kaylon Woods, Ryan McGraw, Bailey Mead and Kama Mitchell facilitated by Marin Heinritz

Description: Who is yoga for, and what is our responsibility to make these transformative practices accessible to all? In this interactive panel discussion with activist and thought leader yogis we’ll get real about who generally gets to benefit from yoga and how together we can open up possibilities for those who may traditionally be or feel excluded because of income, race, trauma, disability and size. Our aim is to generate useful dialogue and practical tools for all.


Kaylon Woods: Since 2013,  Kaylon has worked as a Family Case Manager for the Indiana Department of Child Services in South Bend, Indiana. He served an intern position in 2011 with Delaware County Adult Probation and then as Youth Support Specialist for the Youth Opportunity Center in Muncie, IN. Kaylon received his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Ball State University, where he was also a member of the BSU football team. Kaylon's yoga journey began about two and half years ago and in Spring 2017 he became a RYT-200 hour certified teacher at Solace Yoga Studio in Mishawaka, In.

Ryan McGraw earned his 200 RYT from Prairie Yoga in 2011 and holds a Master’s Degree in Disability and Human Development from the University of Illinois where he created an adapted yoga manual for individuals with disabilities.  He has been featured in US News & World Report and has written about his yoga experience in a recently published book, Yoga and Body Image- a collection of essays by people who break preconceived notions of yoga practitioners.

Bailey Mead creates spaces that welcome everyone to explore the
empowering practices of yoga. She believes it is each person’s
birthright to experience groundedness, presence and clarity in their
body, and that it is never too late to begin experiencing this state
of balance. She is committed to teaching in a trauma-informed way, and is grateful to Bessel van der Kolk and others who have made the way for yoga as a treatment for post-traumatic stress. Her classes and
workshops are grounded in respect for the practitioner and for the
incredible gift of yoga westerners have received from Indian culture. Bailey Mead began practicing yoga in 1997 and earned a 200 hour
teacher certification at Sattva Yoga Center in 2011. She completed a
500 hour certification with Lotus in the Flame in August 2016. Bailey
can be reached at

Kama Mitchell: Kama Tai Mitchell is a healer, yogi, dancer, doula, and mama. She co-founded Rootead- a non-profit cultural and healing arts organization in Kalamazoo, MI, where she currently holds the position of Executive Director. Kama is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher in the Para Yoga tradition, and has completed trainings with master teachers of the African Diasporic culture. She also holds certifications in Zulu Birth Project (doula), reflexology, and massage. Kama is a strong activist in the areas of birth justice, racial equity, and mental health awareness

Marin Heinritz, PhD, RYT, aims to integrate writing and yoga in a seamless and purposeful way to help others develop a habit of discovery, curiosity about themselves and the world, manifest their true hearts’ desires, fulfill their highest creative potential, heal themselves, and make a meaningful impact in the world. She has led Writing From the Body workshops throughout Michigan, in addition to teaching creative writing and journalism at Kalamazoo College, barre pilates at Kalamazoo Barre, and yoga at Sangha Yoga in Kalamazoo. Marin is also so grateful to have had the life changing experience of being an artist in residence at Song of the Morning in Fall 2015.



Yoga Meets Permaculture: World Cafe / Erica Mooney, Trevor Eller & Miriam Joy Dowd

Description: Join us in connecting and applying the principles of each philosophy through teachings, examples and a world cafe style discussion. We will dynamically share the principles of permaculture alongside the yamas and niyamas of Patanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga. These will be explored in small, rotating group conversations and followed with a large group discussion. Participants will go home with ways in which to apply this work immediately. 


Erica Mooney is a citizen of the Great Lakes watershed. Ypsilanti has been her home (except for a stint on staff at Song of the Morning in 2015) and a great source of inspiration for co-creating healthy communities. Working at the nexus of sustainability and social justice, she builds coalition among local and regional stakeholders. She is deeply embedded in gratitude for the living systems of the Earth. Erica is a community pollinator and permaculture catalyst. Her commitment as a localist underscores her participation in travel and networking as she engages in a global journey towards a thriving, just, and healthy world.

Trevor Chaitanya PritaHari is the Co-Director of the Yoga Maya Center for Yogic Arts and Cultures in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, and director of the Yoga Maya Lifestyle Submersion Course and 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Trevor practices yoga therapy and is a body worker. He has been running the Full Moon Kirtan- a monthly non-sectarian gathering of Bhakti Yogis since 2011, and has traveled nationally and internationally in several kirtan bands.

Miriam Dowd, LMT is not only a skilled movement facilitator, but also a licensed massage therapist, and musician. Throughout her journey and teachings, Dowd has helped a number of individuals find greater self-compassion, health, and empowerment.